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Spring Rhododendron Show

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Hilton Garden Inn
3528 Gateway Street

3:00 p.m. - Set-Up

3:30 - 4:45
Bring in your entries of trusses and sprays
A - Deciduous Azaleas
(Subgenus: Pentanthera)
B - Evergreen Azaleas
(Subgenus: Tsutsusi)
Cp - Pink elepidote
(Subgenus: Hymenanthes)
Cr - Red elepidote

Cw - White elepidote

Co - Other colored elepidote

D - Lepidotes
(Subgenus: Rhododendron)

Separate classes for species and hybrids.

5:00 Judging by attendees 
Trophies for:
• Best azalea (deciduous or evergreen)
• Best pink elepidote
• Best red elepidote
• Best white elepidote
• Best other-colored elepidote
• Best lepidote
• Best species truss or spray

6:00 Buffet Dinner ($25.00 per person)
RSVP to Harold Greer  
by Wednesday, April 16

• Terrific plant auction
• Members Slide Show - Bring about 10 digital photos of your garden, gardens you have visited, kids or grandkids in the garden. Photos should be in JPEG format.
• More auction
• Fun time - good food - rhododendrons
• Bring lots of money (cash or checks)

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