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February 11 Chapter Meeting

Thursday, February 11, 2016

6:30 p.m. at the Campbell Community Center

155 High Street in Eugene

  • Join us for cookies, coffee, and conversation at 6:30p.m. with the program at 7:00.

  • Program:   Lilla Leach's 'Azalea' 

          presented by Loren Russell

This program will be about the history of the genus Kalmiopsis from the discovery of Kalmiopis leachiana by Lilla Leach, a noted plantswoman from Portland, in 1930 to the subsequent discovery of the Umpqua populations [now given separate species status as Kalmiopsis fragrans] to the cultivation and hybridization of the two species to the peculiar soil preferences leading to a very narrow geographic range. (Note: Kalmiopsis is the only plant genus that is endemic to (found only in) Oregon.) Loren will also discuss the possible plant relationships of Kalmiopsis and how we might imagine its evolutionary history by comparing its closer relatives.  Finally, Loren will  illustrate Kalmiopsis in its native landscapes, showing the special places where Kalmiopsis leachiana grows in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area and Kalmiopsis fragrans on the North Umpqua River watershed. In particular, he will take the audience to the Limpy Rock area, with distinctive tuff hoodoos, rock shelters with ochre paintings, and the rocks festooned on all sides by Kalmiopsis.

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