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Nurseries for Rhododendrons

• Gossler Farms Nursery

  1200 Weaver Rd., Springfield


• Bones' Nursery

  90386 Hwy 101, Florence


• The Bovees Nursery

  1737 SW Coronado St, Portland


• Dover Nursery

  42125 SE Kleinsmith Rd, Sandy


• Red's Rhodies

  15920 Oberst Lane, Sherwood


• Thompsons' Nursery

  2874 Alsea Hwy (34), Waldport


• Van Veen Nursery

  4201 SE Franklin, Portland




Gardens to Visit

• Hendricks Park

  Summit & Skyline Drive in Eugene

  12 acre renowned rhododendron garden

  Always good but at its best Feb to June.

• Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

  SE 28th Ave & Woodstock Blvd, Portland

  Well-established garden.

  A joint effort of ARS Portland Chapter & city.

• Gallagher's Park

  Spruce St & Hwy 126, Florence

  A joint effort of ARS Siuslaw Chapter & city.

• Cecil & Molly Smith Garden

  5065 Raybell Rd NE, St Paul

  A beautiful private garden with limited open   times.

• Elk Rock Garden

  11800 SW Military Lane, Portland


• Portland Japanese Garden

   611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland

• Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

   Federal Way, WA

Reference Books

Greer’s Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons, species & hybrids (third edition)

 by Harold E. Greer - 1996

• Pocket Guide to Rhododendron Species by J.F.J. McQuire and M.L.A. Robinson, 2009

• Dwarf Rhododendrons by Peter A. Cox, 1973

• The Smaller Rhododendrons by Peter A. Cox, 1985

• The Larger Rhododendron Species by Peter A. Cox,  1990

• The Encyclopedia of Rhododendron Species  by Peter A. Cox & Kenneth N. E. Cox, 1997

• Rhododendrons of the World  by David G. Leach,  1961

• Rhododendron Species, Vol. I • Lepidotes by H. H. Davidian,  1982

• Rhododendron Species, Vol. II • Elepidotes Arboreum - Lacteum   by H. H. Davidian, 1989

• Rhododenron Species, Vol. III • Neriflorum - Thomsonii by H. H. Davidian, 1993

• Rhododendron Species, Vol. IV • Azaleas by H. H. Davidian, 1995

• Rhododendrons in the Landscape, by Sonja Nelson,  2000

• The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Story, by Sonja Nelson, 2001

Rhododendron Hybrids (Second Edition) by Homer E. Salley and Harold E. Greer

• Hardy Rhododendron Species, by James Cullen,  2005

• Cox’s Guide to Choosing Rhododendrons by Peter Cox & Kenneth Cox, 1995

• To Have a Friend : C.P. Raffill, Ray and Del James ed. by Frances Burns, 2001

History of the Rhododendron Species Foundation by Clarence Barrett, 1994

Note: Emboldened titles are written by members of the ARS Eugene Chapter

Note: Many of these books are available on-line and at local new or used book stores.