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December 11th 2016 we we had a fabulous Christmas potluck at Harold and Nancy Greer’s new home that’s being built on the Greer Gardens property.  It was called a “Dusty Shoe Event” since the retirement complex being developed there was still under construction.  Harold and Nancy’s home is amazing, as is the extensive retirement complex!  These are some of the best pictures from the potluck and an overview of the complex.

Activites Page 1 Nancy and Harold Greer in their new home The retirement complex under construction at Greer Gardens Great food and company! Great conversations are always the norm! The Eugene Chapter Board and Directors Standing - Terry Henderson, Gordon Wylie, Jack Olson, Helen Baxter, Nancy Burns Sitting - Sherlyn Hilton, Grace Fowler-Gore, Ali Sarlak Clockwise - Margaret Wikoff, Elaine Sedlack, Tim Burns, Nancy Burns, Sherlyn Hilton Clockwise - Dick Cavender, Anne Gross, Gloria & Ali Sarlak, Mike & Maria Stewart, Steve Krasik, Linda Wylie Noel and Pepper Berkeley Clockwise - Jo-Ann Wilson, Nancy Greer, Harold Greer, Paul Wilson Clockwise - Rick & Joyce Reed, Sandie & Jack Olsen Standing -Paul & Jo-Ann Wilson, Cheryl Prchal, Harold Greer, Mike Bones   Seated - Ron Prchal and Helen Baxter Clockwise - Helen Baxter, Leonard & Carmen Frojen, Paula & Ted Hewitt Anne Gross, Steve Krasik Dick & Karen Cavender, Maria & Mike  Stewart